An Interview with Radical Parents

Have you heard about Radical Parents? They’re doing some really cool things to help resource parents and youth workers. And a couple of weeks ago, I got to be a part of their podcast!

Back in April at The Orange Conference, I got the chance to sit down with Joel and Geoffrey from Radical Parents for a little interview. They had some questions about middle school ministry, small groups, the power of fun, and our book Creating a Lead Small Culture. Aaaaaand… that interview finally went live on a recent episode of their podcast!

You can listen to the full episode right here.

And, in case you don’t have time to give the whole thing a listen right now, I made a little transcript of the interview for you.


A Very Podcasty Week in Review

You guys. Last week was such a fun week.


Youth Ministry Answers is live! And we were so enthusiastic about the big launch that we went ahead and released four episodes. I know. We’re crazy.


Introducing… Youth Ministry Answers!

You guys. This is a big day. A really big day.

Today, Kenny and I are launching a little something we’ve been working on for about a month. I told you about it a few weeks ago.



A new podcast from Stuff You Can Use!

The premise is simple: you ask questions about youth ministry. We help you find the answers (with a little help from some special guests).

Go ahead. Check it out. We’re pretty excited.

And to celebrate the launch of Youth Ministry Answers, we’re doing a little giveaway! If you want to participate, all you need to do is hop on social media!


4 Tips for Telling Better Stories

In youth ministry, telling good stories is a skill that really matters.

Think about it. Whether we’re communicating from a platform, or in a video, or at a table for two over a nice caramel frappuccino, stories are one of the best tools we have for communicating truth in a way that sticks in a kid’s heart.

So, as youth pastors, I think we need to take our storytelling skills pretty seriously. Because in youth ministry, we’ve got a lot of stories to tell.

We’ve got to tell stories that clearly communicate truths and are compelling enough to hold our students’ attention.

We’ve got to retell the ancient stories of Scripture in ways that engage and connect with kids in this time and place and culture.

We’ve got to tell our own stories – to trace the thread of God’s love and grace in our lives, so that kids can see redemption at work in the life of a person that they can see, and hear, and know.

And we’ve got to help teenagers find that same thread in their own lives, so they can someday learn to tell their own stories.


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