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Bob Goff and The Edge of Yikes

Posted in Featured, Get Inspired | 3 comments

yikesOkay, so since we’re talking about taking risks and going on adventures this week, I thought I’d give you an inspirational little treat. I’ve been hanging onto it for this exact moment.

A bunch of weeks ago, I finally had the chance to hear Bob Goff speak live and in person. I usually only get to stalk him on the internet, so this was an exciting day.

He threatened Kenny’s life a little bit. (Did you know he has diplomatic immunity?)

He made a super cute video for my small group.

And he said some things that have been rattling around in my head ever since.

A Brand New Adventure

Posted in Featured, News | 16 comments

new-adventureIt has been a crazy month. A happy-sad month.

The happy part? Kenny and I are about to begin a brand new adventure. And we are so excited about it. Like… super excited. But the sad part? Our current adventure is almost over. And we are really, really, going to miss it.

Okay, here we go. The news.

Kenny and I are leaving our amazing-wonderful-best-ever church in Buffalo, NY. Then we’re going to move a couple of miles south to Atlanta, GA. And then we’re going to join the amazing-wonderful-love-them-so-much team at Orange. 

In three weeks.

With Orange, I’m going to continue doing some things related to small groups and small group leaders. Kenny is going to be doing some things related to the leadership development of ministry leaders. And we’re both going to be doing a ton of stuff related to middle school ministry. I’ll tell you more about the details some other time. But, for now, just know: we’ll be doing everything we love and more. We can’t wait.

So, you want to hear the story? Yes? Okay, I will tell you.

A Few Thoughts About Risk

Posted in Featured, Get Inspired, News | 0 comments

riskI wouldn’t consider myself to be a person particularly prone to taking risks.

Well, okay… I like roller coasters. And I want to go sky-diving someday. And one time I painted my bedroom lime green. But that’s about the extent of my riskiness. For example, when thirty of my friends decide it’s a good idea to rent really-super-broken mopeds and dented helmets from some guy on a street corner of the Bahamas, I’m always going to be the person in the group pointing to the sign that says CAUTION! DO NOT RENT MOPEDS and listing all the reasons we’re about to die horrible gruesome deaths. 

Concert, Classroom, or Circle (Breakout Notes from The Orange Conference 2014)

Posted in Environments, Featured, Leadership, Small Groups | 12 comments

ccc-oc14Last week at The Orange Conference, I got the chance to co-lead a breakout with my friend Kenny Conley! Kenny is the NextGen Pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, TX and he’s really great and super smart. Also tall.

Together we taught a breakout called Concert, Classroom or Circle: The Practical Steps for Transitioning to a Lead Small Culture. Here’s a brief summary and an outline of what we talked about.