Helping youth workers be more awesome.

That’s the goal. So whether that’s through a single conversation, a church-specific consultation, or a short-term coaching group, Kenny and I would love to help you and your church if we can.


Join Kenny and me in one of our Youth Ministry Mastermind Groups! Over the course of six months, we’ll work together to learn stuffassess our ministries, set goals, and challenge each other to be more awesome in our ministries and in our leadership. Plus, we’ve got some fun projects and practical resources in mind to help stretch and encourage you along the way. Space is limited!


Are you looking to refine or make a significant shift in your ministry strategy, team structure, or personal leadership? Kenny and I are available to provide personalized short-term consulting for individuals and teams, especially when it comes to small groups, staffing structure, and annual strategies for teenagers, parents, and volunteers.


Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy – just a little bit of guidance from someone who’s been there before. If you need some quick advice on implementing a strategy or idea you’ve heard me talk about, just reach out! I’m around.