On Wednesday, we introduced you to a little something called The 4 Elements. And to go along with those 4 Elements, we also told you we had some brand new resources coming in just a couple of days.

Well, today is that day. You ready for some new resources?

Now just to recap: The 4 Elements are the four things that our church uses to measure and evaluate spiritual formation. They’re the four things that we believe a life following Jesus is made up of: 

  1. Growing in Friendship with God1
  2. Growing in Christlike Relationships
  3. Knowing and Using Your Gifts
  4. Sharing Your Story

In SHINE! (our Middle School Ministry), we’ve decided to incorporate The 4 Elements into our small group strategy. Why? Because we think our Small Group Leaders are the people who know our students best, and that they’re also the people who can best guide their small group of students into a deeper level of discipleship and spiritual formation.

Here’s how it works…

  • Every 2 months, we focus on one of The 4 Elements. This school year, we chose “Friendship with God” for September & October, and “Christlike Relationships” for November & December.
  • For each of The 4 Elements, we create a handful of projects that small groups can do together. These projects are each designed to help students grow in that month’s Element with the help of their Small Group Leader.
  • These projects are completely optional, but we’ve found that tons of our Small Group Leader use them – either as a regular part of their small group time, or to occasionally mix up their typical routine.
  • We keep these projects (and all the supplies to make them happen) at our Small Group Supplies Station so Small Group Leaders always know where to find them.

Ready to take a look?

Here’s a peek at our current set-up for Element #2: Christlike Relationships. For this Element, we created three different projects with three different purposes.

  • PROJECT #1: Christlike Relationships with Your SMALL GROUP | Ideas, games, and supplies for developing better friendships and deeper relationships as a small group.
  • PROJECT #2: Christlike Relationships with Your FAMILIES | Ideas and supplies for helping students take the initiative to pray for and build better relationships with their siblings and parents.
  • PROJECT #3: Christlike Relationships with Your FRIENDS | Ideas and supplies to help students think about their friends (especially their “unchurched” friends), pray for them, and show them what Jesus is like.

Check out the NEW resources!

Today we’re releasing the first two of our 4 Elements Series: Friendship with God and Christlike RelationshipsBoth include Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and PDF files of each document.

  • Signs for Projects 1-3.
  • Project Instructions for Small Group Leaders (3 projects per Element).
  • Select Project Supplies (some projects will not need extra supplies – others might require you to do a little shopping. If that’s the case, we’ll recommend retailers or include links in the product descriptions.)

So whatcha think? Do you think you’ll try out any of these 4 Element Projects? How will you tweak them and make them your own?