Helping youth workers be more awesome.

That’s kind of my whole deal. So whether it’s at a conference, in a workshop, or in an interview, there are a few specific topics I love to talk about and a few specific audiences I love to talk with.


Kenny and I love training youth pastors and youth ministry teams. Some of our favorite topics for youth workers are…

  • small groups
  • teaching and communicating
  • leading and recruiting volunteers
  • discipleship
  • the teenage brain
  • fun and games
  • creating strategic environments for teenagers


We really love volunteers. And we love helping youth pastors train their volunteers. Some of our favorite topics for volunteers are…

  • leading small groups
  • partnering with parents
  • the teenage brain
  • discipleship


We also love talking to the parents of teenagers. Some of our favorite training topics for parents are…

  • partnering with the church
  • the teenage brain
  • discipleship

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Elle has been a communicator at The Orange Conference since 2014. She has taught about small groups, teaching and communicating to teenagers, training small group leaders, training parents, and creating strategic ministry environments for teenagers.


Elle has been a communicator for The Orange Tour since 2013. She has taught about leading small groups, leading conversations with teenagers, partnering with parents, understanding the middle school and high school phases, helping teenagers develop spiritual habits, recruiting volunteers, and mobilizing students to serve.


Elle has been a communicator for The Youth Cartel’s Middle School Ministry Campference since 2012 and Women in Youth Ministry Campference since 2017. She has taught about empowering volunteers, teaching middle schoolers, building an annual teaching strategy, creating and leading games, staying creative in ministry, and leading conversations with teenagers.


Elle has trained youth pastors and volunteers for churches, denominations, and youth ministry networks throughout the United States and Canada. She has taught on topics like discipleship, leading small groups, leading a small groups strategy, and leading volunteers.