Meet One of My Heroes: Brooklyn Lindsey

I want to introduce you to someone. Or "re-introduce," because you may already know her. In fact, you probably do, because I know I'm not the only person who has been impacted by her voice, her presence, and her leadership at some point during the last almost-twenty...

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5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

I'm guessing some of you reading this right now might not think you’re very creative. But . . . you are. Like Liz Gilbert says, “If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.” Creativity is simply the ability to take what’s sitting in front of you, and to build something...

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5 Reasons to Experiment in Your Ministry

A couple of years ago, Kenny and I paid a visit to The Exploratorium in San Francisco. Ever been there? It's pretty amazing. It's a gigantic interactive science museum packed with over 600 experiments about everything from sound and light to plants and electricity.One...

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20 Things Volunteers Do on Youth Trips

Hey, ministry leaders. We put a ton of work into our student camps, trips, and retreats, don't we? I mean, between the budget, programming, transportation, food, questions from parents, the registrations, the late registrations, and the...

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