Here are a few things I’m working on right now . . .


Grow Curriculum and Annual Strategy is the main focus of Stuff You Can Use, a company I co-founded to serve church leaders. Each year, we release one full year of curriculum and resources for kids and youth ministries. With Grow, you get everything you need for an entire year of ministry in one product: teaching, programming, discipleship, events, volunteers, and parents.


Stuff You Can Use produces two bi-weekly podcasts, and I co-host one of them! Youth Ministry Answers and Kids Ministry Answers are two podcasts that help church leaders find answers to all of their youth and kids ministry questions. You can find me co-hosting every episode of Youth Ministry Answers, as well as dropping by Kids Ministry Answers occasionally as a guest.


I’ve co-authored several books for ministry leaders. Creating a Lead Small Culture (2014) helps church leaders learn how to build and maintain an effective small groups strategy for kids and teenagers.Youth Ministry Fails (2017) is a collection of more than 150 true stories, shared by over 150 youth workers, about the times ministry doesn’t exactly go according to plan. The Art of Group Talk (2017) is a series of books that helps volunteers lead better conversations with the kids and teenagers they lead.  


PHARISEES: The Party Game is a tongue-in-cheek take on the classic party game Mafia . . . but with a lot more Bible verses. We originally launched this game through a Kickstarter campaign (which was fully funded in just a few hours!) but the game is now available more broadly on Amazon.

Elle is a creator, entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, and youth worker. She is the co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Stuff You Can Use.